Dark Praliné Seashells

Guylian’s Dark Praliné Seashells

Welcome to Guylian’s new collection! We are excited to introduce our new product: Dark Praliné Seashells where we combine our original artisanal recipe of in-house roasted hazelnuts with intense dark chocolate. This is then delicately covered in a 72% cocoa shell, for a flavour to remember.





Intensely Irresistible

These Dark Praliné Seashells are not only delicious, but also a perfect gift for any occasion. Treat yourself or your loved ones with a box of pure happiness. Intense pleasure and a sensory experience for your taste buds!


Even more intense moments to share!

Did you know…

that our chocolate Seashells are often used as the finishing touch to a tasty pastry or dessert? Discover our delicious recipes now and try it out with our Dark Praliné Seashells!

Taste your new favourite Seashells!

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Available from 1 June online and in your local supermarket!

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Available from the end of July online and in your local supermarket!

Carefully crafted using only the finest natural ingredients and 100% Fairtrade cocoa.