The Original Seashells

The Original Seashells

Our story starts with our iconic Seashells. Discover the exquisite taste of these world-famous chocolates, each Seashell a small masterpiece with a marbled shell made of dark, white and milk chocolate and a creamy hazelnut praliné filling.

Our original chocolates are made with carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality, such as Fairtrade West-African cocoa beans and hand-selected Mediterranean hazelnuts. In Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, we turn these ingredients into our famous hazelnut praliné filling in copper kettles, following the original recipe of our founder, Guy Foubert.

How are our Seashells made?


Ingredients of the Seashells

We stand for the sustainable origin and quality of each ingredient, guaranteeing delicious chocolates for you and a better world for us all.

The Hazelnuts

Our Mediterranean hazelnuts are grilled in-house in copper kettles, exactly like Guy Foubert, our founder, used to do. This method of grilling and caramelising hazelnuts, under the watchful eye of our Master Chocolatiers, is the key to the typical creamy taste of our praliné filling.


Our Fairtrade cocoa is sustainably grown in West-Africa and our farmers receive a fair wage offering them equal opportunities. After harvesting the beans, they are dried, ground and turned into cocoa butter. This creates the famous sensational taste of our chocolate, that slowly melts in your mouth.

Our Seashells packaging is 100% recyclable

Our packaging consists of various parts, all of which are 100% recyclable.


The new packaging is made from 100% FSCE board that comes from sustainably managed forests. This packaging was already recyclable, but by omitting the window we can further reduce the amount of plastic.


Guylian wants to avoid food waste at all times. We take various initiatives for this during the production process, such as the use of a foil around the packaging that is easily removable and recyclable, so that the product stays fresh longer. Thanks to this foil and many other initiatives in our production site, we can proudly state that our food waste is only 0.1%!


You can also contribute to the efforts of preserving the environment, by correctly sorting and recycling all our packaging.