Guylian Marble Cake


This chocolate marble cake is filled and topped with Guylian and its the perfect present to celebrate any occasion!


Cake: 180g butter
Cake: softened 50g veg oil
Cake: 300g golden caster sugar
Cake: 5 large eggs
Cake: 240g hazelnut milk
Cake: 400g self raising flour
Cake: pinch of salt
White chocolate batter: 50g melted white chocolate
White chocolate batter: 1 tbsp milk
White chocolate batter: 1/2 tsp vanilla
Milk chocolate batter: 2 tbsp coco powder
Milk chocolate batter: 2 tbsp milk
Milk chocolate batter: 1 tsp espresso powder
Milk chocolate batter: Guylian chocolates
Ganache: 150g cream
Ganache: 70g milk chocolate
Ganache: 70g white chocolate
Decorations: chopped hazelnuts
Decorations: Guylian chocolates


  1. In a bowl, beat the butter and sugar to pale and fluffy then add the oil. Add your eggs individually, mixing well between each addition.

  2. Then alternate adding your flour and milk. Do this is quarter of each at a time and combine between each addition. Ensure you end with your flour. Finally add the salt and mix to a smooth batter

  3. Divide batter into two even bowls. To make the white chocolate batter; combine the melted white chocolate, vanilla and milk and combine fully. To make the chocolate batter; make a paste in a small bowl by combining the ingredients together. Then fold into the cake batter and fully incorporate

  4. Fill your prepared tin, adding alternative batters. When half of the batter is in the tin, take a skewer and swirl through and add the Guylian chocolates. Add remaining batter and swirl.

  5. Bake at 170 for 45-50mins or until skewer comes out clean. Once baked, allow to stand for 5mins then turn out and allowing to cool fully.

  6. Make the ganaches by heating the cream to a gentle simmer. Place the chocolates in separate bowls and pour half of the cream over each. Allow to sit for 2mins before mixing fully.

  7. Finish by dripping over your ganache and adding more Guylian chocolates. Enjoy!