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NEW: Dark Praliné Seashells

Dark Praliné Seashells covered in a 72% cocoa shell for an intensely irresistible feeling.

Dark Praliné Seashells

We are excited to introduce our new product: Dark Praliné Seashells where we combine our original artisanal recipe of in-house roasted hazelnuts with intense dark chocolate. This is then delicately covered in a 72% cocoa shell, for a flavour to remember.

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Guylian leads the way in sustainability in the world of Belgian chocolate, meaning you can enjoy our iconic Seashells worry-free.

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100% Fairtrade Cocoa

All of our chocolate is made with sustainable Fairtrade cocoa. Our farmers are paid a fair wage and price for their product, ensuring equal opportunities for everyone.

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100% Natural Ingredients

We only use carefully selected 100% natural ingredients for a sensational flavour.

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100% Palm Oil Free

Back in 2018 we decided to replace all of the palm oil in our chocolates. This means our chocolates are healthier, with less saturated fats and sugar, and better for the world around us.

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How we create our chocolate

Each iconic Guylian Seashell is crafted with a blend of the finest Belgian dark, white and milk chocolate. And the recipe for our delicious hazelnut praliné filling? That is a well-kept secret amongst our Master Chocolatiers.

Where can I buy Guylian chocolates?

Find an online store and enjoy them at home!